Woodard Corporation

The Abbots Bromley Parent support group are now very clear in our demands for what is needed to allow Abbots Bromley School to thrive.

Is the real question, Woodard would rather allow the school to close to bolster numbers at schools at Denstone or do you want the school to survive and allow our children a future.

If the Woodard Corporation are genuine and wish to fulfil there LEGAL obligations as a charity they must do all they can to explore all options and MUST give priority to keeping the school open as a school rather than sell the land because this bolsters the cash reserves, they are a charity and not a profit making business.

So we are throwing down the gauntlet

We as a parent group know

  • The investors in the deal wish to conclude the deal and talks are still on going.
  • We as a parent group have been approached by 3 investors who wish to acquire the school and they are genuine buyers who wish to engage with Woodard.

What do we want

As parents we feel you have not acted in good faith and we feel the process was designed to run down the clock and we are now the Football team 1-0 down in the 89th minute but we are ready to get the late goal and take this into extra time.

But time is essential…

Woodard you claim to have the best interests of the school at the heart of your action well we ask you for an additional 12-24 months to allow a few things:

  • Allow the investors to complete the deal.
  • Allow the parent groups to explore all investment options.
  • And in the worse case allow Abbots Bromley School pupils to finish their GCSES and Alevels.

So what is our appeal:

We are asking very clearly WOODARD allow the school a little extra time, we can and will support you in every step of the way and we URGE you to meet us within the next 2-3 days, official requests have been made.

We urge you to meet us, discuss the options and fulfil your charitable obligations

May i remind Woodard of its mission statement

Faith- Noun complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Unity- Noun the state of being united or joined as a whole.

Vision- Noun the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

So allow the Abbots Bromley Parent group to meet with you and discuss with you the options in front of us all.
We should, after all, have the complete trust and confidence in Woodard and Woodard should unite alongside us, with a vision to think or plan for the future of Abbots Bromley School with imagination and Wisdom.

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