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The Guilt and Pain of parenting and positivity

Lets address the elephant in the room over the past few months we have all heard the key phrases.

Positivity, calm,Don’t Panic

There have been times when I have struggled to remain positive, and as the end of term closes in calm I am not and with each day that passes panic increases.

Recently one phrase has been going around in my head which I will come to and I’ve kept this feeling to myself however last week one person on the Whatsapp group raised a very point and the parent stated:

“I’ve felt like we aren’t allowed to feel like that”

The one thing i keep telling myself is that we must however try and keep a level head and ensure as parents we stick together, but that one phrase keeps going around in my head.

Parents must stick together.

People may wonder why this statement keeps me awake at night, well i will try my best to explain.

Some have suggested that by questioning the school closure it risks the future of the school, it somehow removes the positive message Abbots Bromley School sends out to children.

However the part that worries me now is for a long time we as parents have sat back and entrusted the entire process to Woodard to complete the sale process and as of now we have 16 days until the school closes, and not to sound like an MP calling for a Brexit vote but Closure is the default position and at this time, it is simply Deal or No Deal and with that it brings a sense of urgency.

Now you may wonder still why that parents must stick together phrase still keeps going around in my head:

Up until now, All parents have sat back and allowed Woodard to try and complete a deal for the sale of the school and as parents, we have all sat back with positivity and hope but as of today, we remain on a cliff edge.

The phrase still goes around my head

From the outset anyone deemed to have raised questions has been seen as critical of the school and have somehow been painted as disloyal and I am unable to understand that view as at no point does anyone believe the school staff or the senior leadership team have ever contributed to the crisis that the school now faces but in that spirit of remaining positive those important questions and the scrutiny that Woodard should be facing have gone unanswered.

Parents must stick together

As parents we all have questions and those questions cannot be unheard, the governing body, The Woodard corporation cannot continue to hide behind the veil of positivity and as Parents, we can stick together in that process.

As an organised parental unit we can ask the right questions, we can raise the concerns without the need for anger.

We can unite behind the staff, we can unite behind the senior leadership team who are fighting tooth and nail to secure a future for Abbots Bromley School but this does not mean that questions of the Woodard Corporation should not be asked.

Asking questions of Woodard does not mean we are being disloyal it means we care about the school and want to ensure this does not happen to another school and whilst we all want to remain positive about new ownership this does not mean Woodard walk out the door unchallenged and many SERIOUS questions need to be asked.

If we simply sit in silence we have provided a quiet and discreet closure opportunity for Woodard to close the school down without any parental pressure or questioning.

I will be compiling a list of questions for Woodard and also presenting this as an open letter to Woodard as well as sending this to all members of the Woodard board.

We would value your feedback on the questions you have and these can be added either by commenting in the comments section below or by emailing us

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