Rick Van Driel

The Bursar who led us into the dark

The role of any school bursar is financial prudence and sound judgement of finances.

The typical job for a school Bursar is as follows:

Looking at the financial accounts running up to the closure announcement of Abbots Bromley and the schools poor financial health it reads as a shocking inditement of the bursar’s roles in the downfall of Abbots Bromley School Ltd which led up to the closure announcement.

Many decisions which have led to this point directly back at the bursar’s door.

Many simple questions have been raised about finances and the one question that keeps raising its head is parents asking why they have had to chase the school for invoices, or why they have not had any invoices sent and have had to actively contact the school asking to be Billed.

Most recently parents were sent debt collection letters stating they had not paid when they had well let’s look into those reasons.

Last year the Bursar had a run-in with the assistant bursar and sacked the assistant bursar without being aware of the severe consequences this would have on the running of the school and the impact on its day to day finances.

This had a major impact on the school as the assistant bursar was the only one who knew how to raise invoices, at this point parents invoices were late being sent out and the money started drying up leading to greater consequences which will be revealed at a later stage.

When it was realised the bursar did not have the experience or knowledge on how to send invoices to parents an outsider was needed at cost and this then meant invoices could be sent out but when they were sent out many of these were not correct or parents were billed for things they had already paid.

The bursar at Abbots Bromley School is Rick Van Driel we reached out for comment on these issues but Rick Van Driel was unavailable for comment.

Rick Van Driel the school Bursar is currently suspended from his role at Abbots Bromley School due to alleged Gross Misconduct.
It is also very interesting to note that the suspended Bursar no longer lists his past involvement with Abbots Bromley School Ltd on his Linkedin page and instead lists his current job as:

Academies Accountant at Academy Transformation Trust

Something is unusual about a bursar who worked at Abbots Bromley School suddenly being suspended for gross misconduct and then swiftly removes his previous work role from his online CV.


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