Richard Morse Opus Woodard

Richard Morse Offer to Parents group

We feel it is in the public interest to today publish the offer made by Richard Morse in his role as chairman of Woodard, this offer was made to the parent group both in person and also detailed in writing by email.

The terms of the deal offered to the Parent group are detailed below and these were offered to us by the Chairman of Woodard.

This is the wording used by Richard Morse.

As you can see the offer from Richard Morse is very clear and suggests a £6 Million pound up front payment with a further commitment to provide £3 Million pounds for the day to day running of the school.

The sale also has resale charges should the school be sold as a non educational sale such as development.

Important notice from site editor:

The disclosure of these emails have carefully considered and released as a public interest story with the public having a right to know as Woodard are a charitable organisation.

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