Pauline Norvall Abbots Bromley School

Request to Pauline Norvall Chair of Governors.

Update on request 28.07.2019 To date no information has been forthcoming, this request has been received and read by Pauline, Heather and Simon James and they are all actively choosing to ignore the requests for the meeting minutes.

Back in February, the school governing body made the decision to close the school, many believe that Woodard had the ultimate say in the closure of the school so let’s clear up a myth.

The School governing body made up of the following people made the decision to close Abbots Bromley School and even at this late stage could reverse that decision but chose not to.

  • Chair of Governors: Mrs Pauline Norvall, CertEd – Fellow
  • Reverend Simon Davis
  • Mrs H Graham BA Hons
  • Mr Steven Bourne
  • Mr Simon James LLB
  • Mr Ian Whyte
  • Professor Richard K Luther
  • Clerk to the Council and Bursar: Mr Rick van Driel
  • The Reverend Canon Brendan Clover

Back in June i emailed Simon James as he seems to be the only governor who will respond to any requests for information, within that email i detailed a few questions including a request for a copy of the governing body minutes for each governors meeting in the last 2 years.

Simon James responded and advised he would pass this request to the governing body and get back to me.
To date, this request has not been complied with so again we are reliant on needing to ask these questions in a public forum rather than doing the right thing by the school.

I will clarify the law as set out by the Department for Education and this states

Minutes and papers

15.—(1) The clerk to the governing body (or the person appointed to act as clerk for the purpose of the meeting in accordance with regulation 10(3)) must ensure that minutes of the proceedings of a meeting of the governing body are drawn up and signed (subject to the approval of the governing body) by the chair at the next meeting.

(2) Subject to paragraph (3), the governing body must, as soon as reasonably practicable, make available for inspection by any interested person, a copy of—

(a)the agenda for every meeting;

(b)the signed minutes of every such meeting; and

(c)any report or other paper considered at any such meeting.

(3) The governing body may exclude from any item required to be made available in pursuance of paragraph (2) any material relating to—

(a)a named person who works, or who it is proposed should work, at the school;

(b)a named pupil at, or candidate for admission to, the school; or

So at this stage, we publically call on Pauline Norvall the chair of governors to action this request and make contact with us to arrange for a copy of these minutes to be submitted to us for inspection.

We will also be calling on our press contacts to make this request in the public arena should this request be ignored any longer.

This request is not a Woodard request, this is the legal duty of the governing body and we ask you comply with this request.

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