Simon James Governor

Open Letter to the Governors and Woodard

** Open letter to the Governing Body**

As a parent I would first like to place on record the support and love held for Abbots Bromley School,a place my daughter has made memories,made friends and grown in confidence and self belief and that’s due to the excellent leadership of Mr Udy and his staff all of whom are vital to the AB heart.
These opportunities are ones every child in AB are fortunate to have and ones which allow them to become well rounded individuals in life.

It’s these wonderful opportunities we wish to continue for our children and children of future generations and whilst it’s understood much is being done to resolve the issues now is the time for clarity,now is the time for honesty.

Over the past few days multiple requests for information have been made, and whilst we all understand sales negotiations can be privy to confidentially agreements, we are not asking for details of the issue which is causing the problems(Yet) we are not asking if this is about the valuation,disagreements on terms etc as that is something for another day.
We are simply requesting information that allows us to make a decision based on the current facts, but to date the governing body have gone silent and this only allows parents to think the worse.

Some questions for the governing body.

Have the talks with the potential investors now completely broken down.
-If talks have not broken down and have just hit a bump in the road, do you have a time scale?
-You make reference to exploring other opportunities, has another party come to the table which makes you believe a deal maybe viable.
– Woodard was very clear at the closure meeting that if this deal did not proceed the school would close, are Woodard still insistent on school closure or will a temporary reprieve be granted whilst another deal is explored?
– At this stage as Governors would you advise us to stay as parents of AB or should we now seek alternative school placements.
– Why have the governors not provided any updates to parents despite the original deadline passing and the new deadline passing?

With 21 days until the scheduled closure of Abbots Bromley School and many children and parents now worrying about the new term it’s imperative answers are now provided so that our children have opportunity to seek alternative education resource should the need arise,otherwise parents will be left with a major problem if Abbots Bromley school provides half baked reassurances and then closes at the last minute and all other independent schools close during the summer break.

I urge the governors to issue a statement today updating all parents with information regarding the current status of the school sale as time is ticking.

Parents love AB, Parents want our children to remain at AB, Our children want to remain at AB but we now reach a critical juncture and what feels like a giant game of chicken.

For the sake of our children, for the sake of how our children are feeling, for the sake of our children who spend many hours and days upset that friends are leaving the school and going elsewhere whilst also worried for their own futures I urge you, do the right thing and update the parents today with news,otherwise by the time Monday comes we will just close to 17 days until the end of term and parents will surely need to assess all options including school placements for September, especially those with children sitting GCSEs and A levels as this period of instability is unsettling at a time when it’s critical they are settled.

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