Woodard abbots bromley school

Offer of mediation

Over recent days tensions have been raised between the existing governing body and the parent group but we must not allow that to influence the outcome of reopening Abbots Bromley School.

Following a meeting yesterday evening we have now concluded that the next step forward is to formally request that an independent person who serves no role within the current governing body is allowed to oversee the important meetings and talks in the coming days.

Often things become emotional and opinions can become entrenched and as such we feel an independent person who has no direct connection to the the governing body is best placed to take this forward in the crucial days ahead.

The benefit of an IMPARTIAL person is that it ensures that the talks revolve around the current negotiations and are not influenced by previous dealings or influenced by the governors own vision for Abbots Bromley School or by any financial benefits from the sale of Abbots Bromley School.

All talks now must now be about the deal as it stands to allow the investor to complete the sale independently of the governing bodies vision for a September 2020 reopening as the investor must be free to run the school business as they see fit.

We have today made a formal offer to Woodard to ask them to facilitate such an arrangement.

To date, Woodard has been warm and welcoming to the parent group and we hope that they continue to see the benefits of reopening the school under the management of new custodians.

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