abbots bromley school

Message to Governors

As we reach a critical stage in completing a deal for the sale of Abbots Bromley School we now ask you to halt the auction of equipment and sale of equipment to other schools.

In some instances equipment is even being given away for free,such is the determination to remove the ability to reopen in 2019,

We cannot allow the History of Abbots Bromley school to be sold.

One example of equipment being sold is the recent acquisition of science equipment and PE equipment alongside other key subject area equipment by Thomas Alleynes school who collected the equipment today.

Other contents for sale include the entire contents of the school library for £300.

We ask that whilst there is now an active deal to acquire Abbots Bromley School we ask you to retain the history of the school and retain the ability to reopen the school this academic year.

On the last deal the sale of the school included all equipment with a stock evaluation of £1 Million pounds but sadly now this is being sold off for pennies in the pound.

Once the heart of Abbots Bromley School has been sold the investor will need to spend an additional 2-3 Million pounds to be in a AS WAS basis meaning that the equipment may now become a real sticking issue for the investors.

We urge the governors to allow the school a chance of success and to stop all equipment sales for a period of 30 days.

As things stand items such as the Grand Piano face being lost forever,the sound of joy, the sound of memories, the sound of children singing all lost.

Please do not allow this to happen whilst there is a very realistic prospect of a deal being completed.

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