Legal action governing body

Contracts breached what next?

When the governing body took the decision to close Abbots Bromley School they did so on a purely financial basis and had no regards for the pupils the decision affected.

Writing on a personal basis I can state I know how the decision by the governing body has taken a toll.

My daughter joined Abbots Bromley School from another independent school and to facilitate the move was advised it would be best for her to resit year 10 and ensure that the move did not impact on her GCSE options, it was with reluctance we agreed to the move but this was sold to us as what was best for her so we agreed.

In the last school, we incurred school fees higher on average than AB and had already paid for year 10 and upon repeating year 10 we again needed to fork out just close to £25,000 to facilitate the move and repeat year 10.

So based on Abbots Bromley Schools advice we have now paid for Year 10 twice and cannot now repeat Year 10 again as this would simply be unfair on my daughter and her path towards University education which is already a year behind scheduled pathways.

Upon taking the decision to close Abbots Bromley School the governing body could not have taken legal advice otherwise they would have been advised of the pitfalls of closing the school with one terms notice.

We put these concerns to a solicitor at ORJ Law firm and they have compiled a very detailed legal FAQ for parents who wish to recover costs incurred by the sudden closure.

Please find below a PDF download from the Legal firm who are prepared to issue a class action to recover any fees or damages.

Damages may be quantified in many areas such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • Financial distress
  • Loss of bursary
  • Loss of ability to study certain subjects due to exam boards

Also for those pupils sitting GCSE’S AND A Levels if the results suffer as a result of the move, there is also the strong possibility that after completing education this alone could be a separate legal claim in addition to the first claims for damages.

Please download the FAQ Below and do remember that taking action against the current regime will not hinder the take over talks down the line as that would be a separate legal entity.

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