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The other way to keep the school open

During the past few days, The parent’s group have had a series of meetings to discuss various plans and various options available to the school.
As a part of those meetings, we have met with experts within the schooling arena and have sought views and explored various pathways to keep Abbots Bromley School open.

One of these other pathways was the Parents group underwriting the school’s losses for the next 12 months and during that 12 month period, we would be able to complete the sale to new investors.
We now have new investors in place but we need time.

Currently, The donation element is a third option for us but to ensure we are focused on all areas and not placing all of our eggs in one basket we need to ask parents, the community, the Guild, Charities, Businesses to offer all elements of financial assistance.
This is our back up plan in case of investors not falling into place quickly enough we then have additional streams of cash flow to keep the school open in an interim period.

We are at a disadvantage hence the appeal

We have heard heartwarming stories of benefactors who have funded the school with very generous donations and many of those would love to help the school, sadly we as a parent group are at a disadvantage as due to GDPR (Data protection) rules we cannot gain access to any previous donors nor will the board reach out on our behalf so we really are working backwards to catch up and reach these amazing people.

We have met with an educational specialist with over two decades of experience within school finance and broadly assessed the current situation and it’s estimated that the school needs £1 Million to get through the next 12 months and give us the breathing space to get a deal done.
The exact figure is being finalised today but we need a head start.

As parents, we will then engage with the new investors and also the current investors and bring a common sense business-minded approach to the school sales process.

So the appeal is really to see who maybe able to assist, in the previous few days we have heard incredible stories of previous donations which have been large and substantial and if we can possibly bring those people on board again we could make a very real difference to all of the children at Abbots Bromley School.

Any large companies, any large donors who can assist we have a panel of 8 parents ready to drop everything and meet you today to discuss options that’s how committed we are to exploring all options on the table.

We also welcome smaller amounts which can contribute to the total fund overall so please do not feel you cannot help in any way.

This is truly Abbots Bromley School hour of need and we need every option available to us so if you can make a difference please do something good today and get in touch.

With the right support and right backers we can secure the future of AB

Please get in touch below if you can offer any help with financial donations or if you can help us reach those who may wish to help.

All offers Big and small will be so important and all we need at this time is pledges to help not actually to bank the money.

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