Abbots Bromley School

Statement 21st August 2019

The parent group have worked long and hard over the entire summer and brought investors to the table to complete a deal to acquire Abbots Bromley School and remained on course to travel to the UK on the 26th August 2019 with a view to complete a deal.
The parent group have worked with senior teaching staff and educationalists of a high pedigree including other head teachers to ensure that the school remained ready to reopen for an academic year on a delayed term basis which was being finalised this week and meetings held to plan this.

This week Heather and Pauline provided a 25 point list of things that they claim prevent us from reopening the school this year in their own opinion.

This included the DFE licence and the fact the governors last week informed the department for education that they wished to close the school.

However the parent group have already held great discussions with the DFE and been assigned a senior case worker who advises us that the licence is not an issue and we can simply use the change of proprietor process which would allow the school to reopen.

Other items on the 25 point list were obvious obstacles designed to try and scupper the parent group plans, we will publish this soon alongside our detailed plans to overcome those issues.

The Abbots Bromley School governors are determined to make this deal fail as they do not wish to be seen as incompetent and as the ones who closed the school

The governors at this point are determined to reopen in September 2020 and sadly this does not work for many reasons.

The current governing body also have NO AUTHORITY to plan reopening as any reopening arrangements lie solely with the new investors and the current governors vision for Abbots Bromley School is irrelevant.

The new investors would appoint their own management team and governing body, the governors at this point have one sole responsibility and that is to arrange a sale of the school, the future is not for them to decide they had a go at running the school and failed miserably.

The investors have no intention to buy a “Failed” and closed school which has had the heart ripped out of it by the closure process, the investors only have one intention and that is to buy the school now and reopen the school this academic year.

The investors have no intention of buying a school without a dance school and the fixtures and fittings.

As things stand, in two weeks time the governors have authorised an auction company to attend the school and remove all of its contents at a ridiculous price, one example of this is that the entire library contents have been valued at £300, they have used insurance as a reason why this must occur however we offered to pay for the insurance until the investor had completed the transaction.

This Monday Heather Graham and Pauline Norvall agreed to meet 2 of us at the school buildings at 6pm ( Even though we have requested this since day one) we felt this was a significant olive branch by the governing body and we stood ready to assist them in anyway possible however one hour before the meeting they cancelled stating that an earlier meeting had over ran.

This shows the respect that the governing body have for those trying to save the school.

The reality is very simple:

-The parent group have an investor ready to sign on the dotted line

-The parent group are ready to reopen this academic year.

-The investor is ONLY interested in reopening Abbots Bromley in 2019 and does not want to reopen the decaying building in 2020 as is Heather Graham’s plan which is to reopen and rebrand the school as a new school with a new name.

-The list that has been presented to us presents a challenge but is perfectly doable and WE CAN reopen on a delayed term basis and remain on track for that outcome.

The parents group have a full meeting at 6pm this evening and the developments of today will be discussed in full detail and a further statement will follow with more information.
At this time we are digesting the Governors statement issued by Woodard and will be able to respond in much clearer detail shortly.

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