Petition now online

The Parent led Save Abbots Bromley School petition is now live and active and we really need your help.
A few points to help get the petition going:

  • Most important- When you sign the petition you will need to confirm your email address also otherwise the signature will not count.

Now how do we get the petition seen and ensure that we gather enough signatures?

  • Maximise the petition signatures so if both parents can sign the signature using an individual email address, this is two signatures for the price of one.
  • Pass the petition to friends and family using all possible avenues, so that’s Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc and maybe add a personal story on why the school is so wonderful and why you really need help on the petition, Petitions with a real-life story will gather traction.
  • Post the petition link as a Personal status update on social media and urge friends and family to sign the petition.
  • You can also tag friends and family on Facebook and can even tag organisations, so, for example, you could tag the Abbots Bromley Community Facebook pages, The local press, The Local Mp and many more ideas.
  • Email is also your best friend, Open up your email and let your friends and family know about the school closure and why its so important it remains open, and post the link to the petition.
  • Use other social groups, For example, I play football on a Monday night and have access to a wide range of friends and rival players in other teams who I know so ive posted the link in WhatsApp groups im members of to get some more signatures.

So now you have done that what next

We will be actively promoting the petition on all communication outlets we have access to including our facebook page, the parental whatsapp groups, and the petition will also be a promoted advertisement on Facebook.

We will also contact the local press to gather some Column inches so that the article is published in the local press.

We really need to all knuckle down and get this petition out as far as possible so please take a few minutes to promote it in whatever ways you can and really make a difference.

So please now take a moment to sign the petition using the link below:

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