Abbots Bromley School

Parental update

As things stand we have made significant progress this week and i shall recap some of these things below with further detail to follow:

  • The new investors we have identified have been in touch with Savills and have now begun the Non-disclosure process for access to financial information, we are also aware of other interest for the school.
  • Another Big one- Woodard has agreed to meet us this week
    To ensure that the talks are entered to in good faith on both sides we will not announce the date or location of those talks as to avoid any potential goodwill being lost, but on the record Woodard have been willing to meet us and seem open to discussing various options.
    We will, however, have an update on this in the coming days.
  • The third option- We have met with an educational specialist and discussed all options and have identified an additional option and I shall place a separate article online shortly to discuss that.

Don’t forget to keep going with the below:

The petition has some serious traction and we have now passed 2500 signatures

Also, don’t forget to submit your complaint, this is one of the biggest and most singular things you can do to ensure your message gets to the right people.

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