Abbots Bromley School

One School, One Community

Abbots Bromley School is a unique place made up of wonderful,wacky and talented people from students through to the teaching staff.

We are asking for your stories about Abbots Bromley School or your take on the current situation:

A few ideas

  • Maybe you want to write an article about the financial meltdown and have a vision of how the school can be saved.
  • Are you an accountant and able to look at the accounts for Abbots Bromley school and provide a breakdown of the governors spending at Abbots Bromley.
  • Maybe you can offer insight into the way take over proceedings are handled and have a specialism in due diligence and can offer knowledge on this area.
  • Maybe you have a list of questions you want the governors to answer, then submit the letters and we can approach the governors with a group letter.
  • Generally, there is no remit for articles and we want to hear your take on the issues surrounding Abbots Bromley School please take time to get in touch


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