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Many questions were asked about the marketing which has been undertaken by Abbots Bromley or by Woodard to ensure that the school has been able to attract and retain pupil numbers.

Much emphasis has been placed upon targeting International students,and whilst there is a business strategy behind that questions need to be asked about how marketing has been conducted and was this short sighted.

Here is a breakdown of school fees listing both UK and international students:

Fees for UK Full Boarding Students
Preparatory SchoolYears 3, 4, 5 and 6£21,531 per annum£7,177 per term
Senior SchoolYears 7 and 8£21,531 per annum£7,177 per term
Senior SchoolYears 9, 10 and 11£26,496 per annum£8,832 per term
Sixth FormYears 12 and 13£26,496 per annum£8,832 per term
Fees for International Full Boarding Students
Preparatory SchoolYears 4, 5 and 6£24,144 per annum£8,048 per term
Senior SchoolYears 7 and 8£24,144 per annum£8,048 per term
Senior SchoolYears 9, 10 and 11£29,721 per annum£9,907 per term
Sixth FormYears 12 and 13£29,721 per annum£9,907 per term

During the business planning process did Abbots Bromley School measure the cost of accrual per pupil,basically how much does it cost the school the school to attract a Local pupil Vs International students.

What was the cost benefit of targeting mainly international students and how has this been measured and has this measurement been costed against previous budgets to measure how effective this process has been.

Abbots Bromley School appear to have invested in several marketing offers over a period of years these include:

Rugeley-based Ian Strachan Communications (ISC) were appointed to provide PR support to the school as far back as 2014.

At the time the deal was announced the news was reported as follows:

“We have a great story to tell and we chose Ian Strachan Communications because of Ian’s businesslike approach to PR.”

Ian Strachan Communications Ltd was set up 14 years ago by Ian Strachan, formerly corporate affairs director at Birmingham commercial vehicle manufacturer LDV and corporate communications director at Rover Group. ISC clients cover the manufacturing, automotive, high-tech, retail, construction, environmental and education sectors.

Ian Strachan said: “Abbots Bromley School is well-known in Staffordshire as one of the best schools in the county, but that message needs to be reinforced to a wider audience.”

How as this contract awarded and by who, was there a strategy in place to measure the KPI of the contract? What work was undertaken and how was this quantifiable and was there any financial benefit gained from this contract?

What was the brief,what was the outcome and how was this measured?

In house Marketing Policy

Abbots Bromley School have an in house marketing effort but again key questions are raised on how this policy has been utilised and what was the benchmark?

Has the Governing body played any role in monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing profile of the school or has cheque book management been the only thinking?

What is the cost of pupil accrual,known within business as the cost of sale.

How much does Abbots Bromley spend to acquire a pupil and what is the cost of Pupil accrual over the past 5 years?

Local VS international cost base

When measuring the cost per pupil how does this transfer across Local Vs international pupils and how has this spending been broken down.

Obviously attracting International students carries a higher cost base but does the profit warrant the cost base?

Or is the lower value cost base of targeting local children untapped?

  • Does Abbots Bromley School have link-ups with other schools in the area, for example providing use of the sports facilities or other link ups and how are these link ups measured? Goodwill Vs Cost of activity?
  • What partnerships do we hold with local schools to promote Abbots Bromley School?

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