Abbots Bromley School reopening

Abbots Bromley School Parent Update 15th August

The parent group are delighted to confirm that having worked on deals over the entire summer period we have now reached a significant milestone.

Since we began the process we have engaged with various investors, each with different attributes and each providing different opportunities, with the ultimate aim of keeping Abbots Bromley School open.

We have travelled to Hong Kong alongside Russell Alkins to meet with investors and have held talks with various parties to ensure a satisfactory deal could be achieved.

As a part of this process we reached out and made contact with Madame Chen to determine if she had retained an interest in wishing to pursue her dream of making Abbots Bromley School a centre of excellence and if we as the parent group could facilitate a deal that enabled her to realise that dream whilst allowing Abbots Bromley School to reopen.

Madame Chen has shown that her dedication to AB is unrivalled. She is very keen to seal the deal and that the passion she has for Abbots Bromley School is far more special than just a simple business transaction. Madame Chen will play a pivotal role in the future of Abbots Bromley School with her exciting vision and also her respect for the traditions, character and charm of the school.
The parent’s group have the ultimate confidence that Madame Chen is the best person to take the school forward into the future.

Madame Chen working alongside a new investor are both now in the final stages to take control of Abbots Bromley School and will travel to the UK to meet with Woodard and Heather Graham (Governor of Abbots Bromley School Ltd) on the 26th August 2019 with a view to complete the deal to acquire Abbots Bromley School Ltd.

We thank Russell Alkins for his tremendous support and his passion in helping us, including his trip to Hong Kong. His commitment will forever be remembered in the history of Abbots Bromley School.

We would also like to place on record our appreciation for Heather Graham, acting on behalf of the Abbots Bromley School governing body for her commitment to oversee these final stages of the deal to ensure the
reopening of Abbots Bromley School and we offer the groups support in assisting her in any way possible.

May we also take this opportunity to thank each and every parent who has stood by the parent group throughout this process and the staff members of the school who have been so incredibly supportive throughout.

When we started this process, we started with nothing, not one investor, not one hope but plenty of support and love from the parents, it is this unique support that has enabled us to put together this strong rescue deal for Abbots Bromley School.

We are all aware of the tight time scales and full planning is underway to ensure that the deal can be finalised in time for a new school year, this may, however, result in a slight change to term dates during the academic year which we will confirm in the near future.

Rest assured the parent group alongside the investors, and Woodard are working hard and around the clock to bring this deal to a conclusion, and we will provide a further update shortly.

A further meeting is planned in the coming days and a statement will be released with more detailed information on key areas such as reopening arrangements shortly after this meeting.

We will also be taking questions from parents via email to and we will discuss these at the parent group meeting and issue a full response to any FAQ’s

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