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Ever since day one, the one thing we as a parents group have asked for is for access to the guild membership.
As many guild members will know there is an email list and we wanted to try and gain access to this through correct channels and have so far not been able to get the information we so desperately need.

As a parent group, we truly need as much assistance from the guild and its members now more than ever, and we call on each of the guild members to please sign up to our separate guild email list below.
If you are a Circle Rep or have some power of persuasion, we would also love to hear from you.
We are desperately trying to bring the guild into the support network and really could do with them rallying behind us in Abbots Bromley Schools hour of need, it’s darkest day!
Rest assured your email addresses will be secure and not used for spam but we need to gather as much guild support as possible now.

This is now so critical, and in the early stages these requests have been unheard, but the future of Abbots Bromley School is too important and now is the time we need the guild to stand with the parents and staff and pupils and help make a difference.

We have such a passionate guild of members and with the support of the guild, we can make a real difference to the campaign to help save Abbots Bromley School.

We reached out to Pauline and Heather who were quite evasive in requests for help and initially seemed to support our request and we amended this page to reflect that however when we amended the page they were concerned that any commitment to help Abbots Bromley School may get them into trouble with the executive committee.

We also asked for assistance in emailing members of the Guild to ask for support and sadly this was rejected on the basis that unless we presented out 5 year business plan to them they would not discuss our plans with any members of the Guild yet we are sure the Guild membership list would like to hear what we have to offer them and to place a barrier in front of us when we have 6 weeks left until the beginning of the new school term is unforgivable.

As Pauline and Heather are two governors who as a panel of governors voted to close the school I find it hard to understand why they do not wish to commit to finding alternative solutions to keep Abbots Bromley School open.

As two governors who sat on a governing body which decided to close Abbots Bromley School why are you blocking ways for the school to survive and prosper.

Heather and Pauline, I know you read this blog and I know you like to ask for comments to be changed but again I remain open for you to reach out to me personally on to discuss proposals and as always ill remain open to you, however you tend to hide behind chairs and sit idly rather than be proactive in wanting to save Abbots Bromley School.
Heather and Pauline, now is the time for you to stand up and be counted.

I know on your most recent comments you suggested the Guild were due to have a meeting at the end of July, which as many would clearly understand would be far too late to achieve anything so your suggestion of an end of July meeting is not viable, Can you not call an emergency meeting?

We cannot wait until the end of July we really need the support of the Guild now and access to the guild so please may I ask each and every one of you within the Guild family to take a moment to share this page with friends and family and sign up below.
The very future of Abbots Bromley School is in our own hands.

Please sign up to the guild list below:

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