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Corporate Opportunities

The Abbots Bromley School brand is renowned internationally; it is an asset to the community both here in the UK and Beyond.

The Abbots Bromley School community is broadly affluent, international and niche and the parent group is open to partnerships with appropriate businesses for mutual benefit which will provide benefits to the business whilst allowing the school to continue to thrive in the future.

If you run your own business you may find this method a particularly attractive and cost-effective way of supporting Abbots Bromley School.

When a company gives to a charity, the value of the gift can be offset against the company’s highest rate of Corporation Tax. Companies pay their donations gross and do not have to make any Gift Aid declaration.

Tax relief is claimed against the value of the gift when calculating profits for Corporation Tax.
Such gifts can be made on a regular or one-off basis. For example, at current tax rates, for a company paying the highest rate of Corporation Tax, the net cost of the gift of £10,000 to Abbots Bromley School would only be £6,750.

More information is available on the  Inland revenue website

The Abbots Bromley School community

Our community is made up of several constituent groups with whom a partner may have appropriate exposure to, including:

  • Current pupils – 200 pupils
  • Parents of pupils – Over 200 families, predominantly in the Socio-Economic group AB1.
  • Alumni – Over 3,300 in the UK, over 800 in other European countries many of whom still have some connection with the school through the Abbots Bromley School Guild. This group sits predominantly in the AB1Socio Economic category.
  • Senior school staff – Both academic and administrative
  • Visitors – The school attracts hundreds of visitors to sports, exhibitions, Equine, productions and concerts in the Thompson Hall each year.
  • School Transport Access to 8 Minibuses which tour a wide area each and every weekday several times a day.
  • Swimming Pool and Gym Sponsorship Abbots Bromley School has access to a fine leisure centre resource and a large pool. The centre has enabled the school to host a variety of swim club meets, competitions, Olympic training, and so many other exceptional opportunities which bring elite sport to our school and to our pupils.
  • Boarding Houses are a very social environment with friendships across the year groups, the design of the common room, and the free-flowing nature of the houses allow the pupils to mix comfortably.
  • Website Sponsorship Banners across the main relaunched Abbots Bromley School website
  • School Planner Advertising How best to get your message out there with School Planner advertising opportunities.

Current sponsorship opportunities available:

  • Classroom Sponsorships
  • Sports facilities sponsorships
  • School Transport sponsorship
  • Swimming Pool and Gym Sponsorship
  • Website Sponsorship
  • School Signage sponsorship

    To discuss opportunities please complete the below form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the possibilities for your business and brand.

    Additional benefits may include:
  • .Credit in various news-editorial and press releases, website and news stories produced by Abbots Bromley School.
  • Photo opportunity for a sponsor at the event
  • Display of a sponsors banner (at their cost) at the site of the event
  • Inclusion of a specified advertisement in the event programme
  • Access to ‘sponsors only area’ to entertain clients, prospects or customers at off-site venues where hospitality options are available
  • Corporate logo on publicity and promotional literature materials acknowledging the support of an event
  • Mention of support via the PA system at an event
  • Opportunity to list the sponsors business/service on the school website.
  • A plaque displayed within the school.
  • Social media coverage and ongoing support.

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We will refuse any sponsorship or messaging that we believe is incompatible with our mission or charitable purposes. The presence of paid advertisements or editorials on our site, clothing or in our published material (both online and offline) does not imply endorsement of the sponsor company or product. Sponsors must not make unsubstantiated educational claims in the material used for sponsorship claims.

Corporate Sponsorship that is prohibited includes:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Firearms/weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Pornography
  • Gambling/lotteries
  • Political issues
  • Social causes
  • Religious topics
  • Comparative Sponsorship (no mention of competitive brand names within a banner)

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