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Stunning debt figures revealed

Following on from the last article, we are now digesting the information obtained from the leaked information. The school’s parlous financial state was revealed upon closure when it said borrowings were piling up and that it was making losses that could not be sustained, this is despite the school allowing £393,000 of school fee debts Read More…

Richard Morse deal outline
Governors School Future Woodard Corporation

The offer made to Woodard

Following the publication of the terms offered to the Parent group we are proud to confirm that against all odds we have managed to meet the terms set out to us by Woodard. The offer proposed to Woodard was sent to Woodard as follows: This followed with additional follow up messages Woodard have offered us Read More…

Woodard abbots bromley school
Governors School Future Woodard Corporation

Offer of mediation

Over recent days tensions have been raised between the existing governing body and the parent group but we must not allow that to influence the outcome of reopening Abbots Bromley School. Following a meeting yesterday evening we have now concluded that the next step forward is to formally request that an independent person who serves Read More…

Rick Van Driel

The Bursar who led us into the dark

The role of any school bursar is financial prudence and sound judgement of finances. The typical job for a school Bursar is as follows: Looking at the financial accounts running up to the closure announcement of Abbots Bromley and the schools poor financial health it reads as a shocking inditement of the bursar’s roles in Read More…