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The other way to keep the school open

During the past few days, The parent’s group have had a series of meetings to discuss various plans and various options available to the school.As a part of those meetings, we have met with experts within the schooling arena and have sought views and explored various pathways to keep Abbots Bromley School open. One of Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
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Marketing Process

Many questions were asked about the marketing which has been undertaken by Abbots Bromley or by Woodard to ensure that the school has been able to attract and retain pupil numbers. Much emphasis has been placed upon targeting International students,and whilst there is a business strategy behind that questions need to be asked about how Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
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Parent meeting 14th June 2019

A very positive meeting was held this evening at Abbots Bromley Community centre with over 75 parents in attendance despite some initial fears that the meeting may be negative. However, tonight was the best of Abbots Bromley and parents rallied around the school and were updated on the current facts surrounding the school sale and Read More…

Simon James Governor
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Abbots Bromley School For Sale

At a parent meeting held on the 25th March 2019,Parents were given some hope that the school may remain open into the new academic term. The meeting which started 7:30pm had the air of doom as parents sat and awaited the news which the Governing body were due to deliver. The meeting started with a Read More…