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Simon James Governor Profile

Simon James LLB (Hons) – Consultant Solicitor

Simon James was educated at Smallwood Manor and Denstone College before reading law at Hull University. He is now a consultant solicitor and works for Ansons Solicitors based in Lichfield.

Simon James in his role at Anson’s solicitors in Lichfield is responsible for agriculture and rural affairs and roles include Site assembly for residential development involving landowners.

He is also Chairman of the Health and Safety Committee at the Abbots Bromley School and conducts various other duties within his governing role.

Simon James is married to Jennifer James and their daughter Katherine James and she is a former pupil. (Source Abbots Bromley School Website)

Simon James who also sits as a solicitor for Anons Solictors joined the School Council in 2014 and presided alongside the governing body over a reported £10 Million pound loss whilst in post.

The governing body which Simon James currently serves as a director of ABBOTS BROMLEY SCHOOL LIMITED (05018628) has overdue accounts with companies house which is a breach of directors duties and the company he is a director of faces severe fines and these will be doubled as the accounts have been late for two years running.

Time after the deadlinePenalty (for private limited companies)
Up to 1 month£150
1 to 3 months£375
3 to 6 months£750
More than 6 months£1,500

The penalty is doubled if your accounts are late 2 years in a row.

The £10 Million pound loss was reported to be £10 Million pounds by Woodard the organisation who ran the school, although parents strongly dispute this figure.

The schools £10 Million pound losses accrued by the governing body forced a closure announcement on Abbots Bromley School.

At times Simon James has used his experience gained from his role at Ansons Solicitors to operate as de facto chair governor at times and was the School governor who delivered the Abbots Bromley School closure announcement and chaired the closure meeting.

When the first deal was underway a source who was close to that deal stated that “Simon James was a massive stumbling block on the deals and blocked so many solutions which could be found”

At several times we have reached out to Simon James and he is selective in the questions he will answer:

To date:

  • Simon James has not agreed to meet the Parent Panel to discuss the closure
  • Simon James refused to reveal if he or the legal company have worked with Savills recently and refused to answer if he had disclosed any potential conflict of interest during his role as Abbots Bromley School Governor and his role at Ansons Solicitors Lichfield.

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