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Simon James- Answer the questions

** Updated 21st July 2019**

We have provided Simon James numerous opportunities to place on record his version of events and for him to explain some alarming issues, we have openly and privately reached out to Simon James but he chooses to hide away.

As you have a direct conflict of interest as detailed below we call on you to resign with immediate effect, we cannot and will not be led by a governor who will not be transparent in his dealings and cannot be transparent with the parents.

It is now time for Simon James to resign.

Simon James, you may recall i wrote an email to you back on the 25th June, the purpose of that email was to ask you about any conflict of interest in your business life acting on behalf of Ansons Solicitors and the day to day running of Abbots Bromley School Ltd.

I followed up that email again this morning (09.07.19) requesting clarity from you regarding Land registry reference number SF616247 for land lying to the south of High Street, Abbots Bromley registered to Walton Homes Limited transfer of land from Abbots Bromley School Limited 3.5.2016 for £375,000

To add some background to this:

  • The land sold was sold by Abbots Bromley School Ltd and was purchased by Walton Homes.

The questions surrounding conflict are genuine questions that i must ask.

Simon James was at the time of the land sale a senior partner at Ansons Solicitors based in Lichfield

As a senior partner the general rule of thumb for salary is as follows:

Basic salary + Bonuses + Commissions

At the time you were a senior partner of Ansons solicitors, Ansons had a high profile client on its books, one Walton Homes

So at this point there is a very clear detailed link between Simon James and his business connections.

To back up these particular questions i submit the below pieces of information to file.


Detailed within this link is the below snippet which confirms that Simon James acted on behalf of Ansons Solicitors in paid work for Walton Homes.

Another key piece I will submit to the file in order to confirm the background link between Simon James of Ansons Solicitors also acting on behalf of Waltons Homes is as follows

This link is not directly linked to AB but does show the connection of Simon James, Ansons Solicitors and Walton Homes and makes very clear reference to him by name:

So now coming back to the very first point:

Abbots Bromley School Ltd sold land to Walton Homes when Simon James was a senior partner at Ansons Solicitors as detailed below

The above document clearly shows that Abbots Bromley School Ltd sold land to Walton homes.

So i reiterate the questions posed to Simon James this morning which he did not provide any clear answers and skirted around the edge on.

To ask a question is not defamatory and the information is in the public interest therefore the questions that need to be answered are as follows:

  • Can you confirm that the conflict of interest was detailed and that you had no role in the process to sell land from Abbots Bromley School to Walton homes.?
  • Can you confirm that as a senior partner of Ansons Solicitors Lichfield that you Simon James as an individual or your company did not benefit financially and if the company did benefit did this then trickle down the line as payment as a bonus or commission?
  • Can you confirm if you approached Walton Homes or if they approached you?
  • To avoid any doubt will you submit to us the meeting minutes of all meetings held in which any property sales between Abbots Bromley School Ltd and Walton homes or any other company in which Ansons Solicitors played a part,

The above questions are not designed to cast doubt about anyone’s character but as Abbots Bromley School is a charity there is a clear public interest in this story and if any actions were undertaken by the governing body fell short of the standards required by a charity trustee and therefore I would like to detail the questions on record.

As a charity trustee and school governor comes responsibility and with that comes the need to be open and transparent in all of your dealings.

It’s all very easy to clear up I’m sure so simply ask that the governors meeting minutes are made available for inspection or as you were also asked to provide a detailed response we would be glad to clear up any issues on the record for you at any time.

After all we do not like anyone having sleepless nights.

Pictured Smiling -Simon James Ansons Solicitors (Right of picture)

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