Abbots Bromley School

Parent update

On Sunday 23rd June, The Abbots Bromley Parents support group met to digest Fridays email announcement.

Let’s be honest here, that email was designed to cause maximum damage so that as parents you all panicked and sought alternative provision therefore reducing Woodards need to stay open.

But that email did contain a small snippet which gave some information about the current deal and that was”The board does not rule out a revival of the deal”

Well, as it stands the investors have engaged with Woodard again and senior people have now put the wheels in motion to finalise and get the deal over the line.

A source close to the deal advises that they remain hugely optimistic about completion.

With this news alone we should surely be looking at an extension of trading from Woodard but wait there’s more news which really changes things.

As a parent led group we have been approached by 3 separate buyers who wish to acquire the school and operate the school as a business this means that there are now 4 active business proposals for the school, one of which is the current buyer.

So time is the message, If Woodard halt the closure of the school and provide a 12-24 month reprieve this will:

Allow the school purchase to be completed and also allow additional investors time to explore the purchase of the school.

This extension will also allow our year 10 and year 12 pupils the ability to complete GCSES as they currently have no alternative provision in the area without the need to complete an additional year.

As of this morning we are set to schedule a meeting with Richard Morse from Woodard to discuss this proposal and seek an alternative vision and one which provides clarity for each and every parent and pupil.

We will be providing some additional information later today which will allow you to assist us in our efforts.

But for now please remember every child lost to another school is a win for Woodard.

Let’s keep together and let’s all remain ready to attend Abbots Bromley School in September as until the fat lady sings this is not over.

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