Abbots Bromley school accounts overdue

Overdue accounts and the law

Having an accountant as a member of any school governing body is a win win situation you would think.

Imagine having an accountant who knew where you could making efficiency savings whilst also being able to predict business growth that would surely be the perfect example of an accountant.

As a part of the governing body at Abbots Bromley School we have an accountant called Steven Bourne who practices through his business The Chartwell practice Ltd and is a fully certified Chartered accountant based in Burton upon Trent.

I wished to raise this connection about having a chartered accountant as a member of the board as I felt this was a critical person who should be facing questions for his role within the school.

Currently the accounts with companies house remain overdue and last year they were also overdue and a company strike off notice was issued.

So on the very board where a chartered accountant is a member the accounts remain over due which invokes serious penalties and even a criminal record for directors for not fulfilling the statutory duties of a director.

Penalties for having accounts overdue with companies house are as follows

  • Heavy fines for the company
  • Fines doubled due to accounts being overdue 2 years running
  • Personal fines for the directors of the Ltd company
  • Criminal charges if the directors are found to have not acted in the best interests of any creditors.

The companies act 2006 has around 100 specific offences it may charge company directors under including

Section 1121 section 3 which states

A director or actor of a company is in default if he or she authorises or permits,participates in or fails to take steps to prevent the offence being committed

As the accounts are overdue parents,staff and the community can raise this as a complaint for legal investigation via two methods and this will ensure that all directors of Abbots Bromley School Ltd are fully investigated by the insolvency service and companies house.

As things stand with the accounts being overdue I am concerned that Abbots Bromley School Ltd has been trading whilst insolvent.

Ask why the last accounts which were signed off stated in a legal document that the school was a going concern and had the resources to meet creditors repayments within the 12 month period following that despite knowing this to be incorrect and then requiring a bail out in order to stay afloat.

Please make your complaints about Abbots Bromley School Ltd detailing the below issues

  1. Accounts overdue this year with no sign these are due to be submitted
  2. Detail that last years accounts were also overdue and that a strike off notice was issued.

With parents and others raising these questions this will shine the light on the accounts of Abbots Bromley School Ltd

If the insolvency service investigate the directors this could lead to them being found to have traded whilst insolvent which means the directors themselves can be held personally responsible for any debts the Abbots Bromley School Ltd company holds and also face being disqualified as a director in any other business.

Please complete the form on the below link

The company number is 05018628 and the company name is Abbots Bromley School Limited

If you need any details to complete the above form this can be found on

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