Abbots Bromley School for sale

Headteacher thanks parents and speaks out against the closure of Abbots Bromley School

Yesterday morning the Headteacher of Abbots Bromley School which is faced with closure spoke out against the closure of the school he spoke so passionately about.

The headteacher Mr Udy made reference to Woodard getting there 30 pieces of Silver which was a clear reference to the Corporate greed shown by Woodard. ( See Video towards the bottom of the page)

Annual speech day brought a collection of talent together to showcase the skills and love that Abbots Bromley School clearly has in abundance, in what was an emotionally charged address to parents, Pupils and staff it was clear the headteacher Mr Udy was fighting back tears.

Upon arrival parents will have noted the additional piece of paper added to the programme, this clearly highlighted the fall out between parents and the governing body who made the decision to close the school so it was down to Mr Udy (Headmaster) to rally the troops and deliver a message to parents, children and staff.

At times the event had a surreal tone, it had the feeling of a funeral with many parents fighting back tears knowing everything we were witnessing was a celebration of the school but Woodard wanted this to end.

A sombre event filled with special magical moments that many of us will never forget.

I feel a little sad describing it as a sombre event when we should all have been reflecting on the positives of yesterday, which was the strong musical talent, the achievements of the pupils and the togetherness of the staff and parents through the schools darkest days.

And I know that as a parent group committed to saving Abbots Bromley School we will not allow the image of a little prep school child crying her heart out be the memory we want this wonderful school to be remembered for, we want to ensure that memories are real, memories are positive and we will not allow Woodard to take away your children’s dreams.

Watch as the headteacher Mr Udy speaks out.

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