Recently Woodard have published a general response into claims made by parents and our support group we have prepared a full response but for now we are holding this back for a short period whilst some developments proceed.

In the meantime, I felt it was important to fact check one particular segment of the statement.

Based on this part of the statement they refer to local schools and the support the local schools are offering to those affected by the closure of Abbots Bromley School.

As a parent of a year 10 girl, the first thing I did was exam all options including Denstone College which is the local option referred to, both of these are the Woodard schools they refer to on the statement.

So let’s break down that support a little shall we:

Bloxham School

Located in Banbury and classed as one of the local Woodard Schools despite being 1 hour 45 minutes away so this rules out the school for day pupils.
They do offer boarding however fees are approx £1000 per term higher.
Looking at the exam boards we cannot identify any match up with Abbots Bromley and the subjects offered are different and many popular options that Abbots Bromley School is famous for are not offered.
A strong requirement to repeat Year Ten would be required

Denstone College

As lovely as Denstone College is to look at and as fantastic the facilities are, this is not a comparable school to Abbots Bromley School.

In what feels like a University campus rather than the small nurturing school that we are all familiar with and love here at Abbots Bromley.

Class sizes are larger and the pupil numbers are over 600, in comparison that’s nearly 3 times bigger than Abbots Bromley School.

So down to the nitty gritty;

  • GCSE options do not match
  • This is a boarding school
  • Fees and costs are higher with no advertised support package.
  • Bursaries cannot be transferred.
  • Are suggesting that pupils repeat year 10.

Here’s a copy of the email with the basics:

This email is key as this shows the impact this has on all of us, this email references the hefty catch-up work required to allow a child to switch into Denstone College.

It also references the need to repeat year 10 at great cost.

So comparing the two schools this shows beyond doubt that Woodard has not put any plans of action into place and children will suffer as a result of the proposed closure of Abbots Bromley School.

We call on Woodard to publish the plans they have in place and confirm which schools they refer to and match the requirements of our children, otherwise this statement about support shows very clearly that Woodard are not putting the support in place needed and have breached the contract we hold with Woodard.

Woodard please statements can be made for the sake of it, but they must be factual and correct and when they are not we must hold those statements to account.

We stand ready to respond to all other points raised and like the above we can counter each point and call on you again to do the right thing and come away from the chosen path.

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