Abbots Bromley School

11th Hour Rescue talks underway

Woodard and a Hong Kong based investment company have entered into serious discussions to acquire Abbots Bromley School.

The Hong Kong based investors had a tour of the school on Tuesday and all relevant due diligence and proof of funding has been completed.

Talks are now at an advanced stage and the deal proposed includes a significant sum of money being lodged as a cash deposit.

A source close to the deal spoke this evening “The Deal is ready and the investors have quite literally got the cheque book out and wanting to sign a deal”

The ball is now very much in Woodards court with multiple offers now in the public domain.

Richard Morse the chairman of Woodard earlier this week travelled for Emergency talks with the parents group who are putting together several options to rescue the school from an uncertain future.

The talks between Woodard and the parent group were encouraging however all parties were aware of the time frame in which to complete a deal in a swift manor.

The Several investment opportunities which have been presented to Woodard are very keen to conclude a deal to ensure the school remains open in September.

The several investment options presented by various investors are currently awaiting news from Woodard and the investors have pledged to to ensure that the future is secure.

As a parent group we are also in talks with one particular party who is keen to explore options to acquire Abbots Bromley School and have offered to work with Woodard to find a solution to ensure the school remains open and we remain in active talks with them.

As there is now several credible options on the table for Woodard to consider we hope that the chairman who has been open and transparent with us up until now will seize this opportunity to consider bold proposals from various investors and allow Woodard to meet its charitable intentions and secure a long awaited lifeline for Abbots Bromley School.

The parent group stand ready to assist Woodard and the investors to ensure that a smooth transition is possible.

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2 Replies to “11th Hour Rescue talks underway

  1. That’s wonderful,please keep up your good work and we will stand by you all the way, Very much appreciated, see your in September.
    God is with us,l can feel that.

  2. I am sorry Mr Getley but you are wrong. Richard Udy, along with the remainder of the staff of AB, have been extremely supportive to the Parents Group within the bounds of the restrictions his position and the situation have created.
    The parents group still have many Irons in the fire and remain committed to doing anything and everything in their power to arrange a celebration in early September.
    I appreciate it is a very tough and emotional situation for all of us and if we weren’t all losing something so good we wouldn’t be so angry and upset. If you channel your emotions into increasing the number of petition signatures, complaints to charity commission, ideas for future cost savings and improvement or ways of increasing pupil numbers you and all parents can make a difference.
    I feel your emotion and hope you get a satisfactory solution in the end, Martin Parker

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