Closure Announcement

Damming financial leak reveals troubles.

A damming leaked document revealing the headmaster’s budgets for last year and 2017 show that the financial pressures facing Abbots Bromley School have been known for many years. The full budget breakdown of the school year reveals damming information that allows us to understand the true reasons the school was destined for failure, in the Read More…

Deposits and final bills
Closure Announcement Woodard Corporation

Time to settle up Abbots Bromley School

Many parents have expressed severe concern regarding the ongoing issues with regard to invoices, many parents are being overcharged or charged for services already paid. There is also the significant concern regarding the repayment of deposits owed to parents, it is important to note that Simon James (Governor) first committed to repaying all deposits at Read More…

School Future Woodard Corporation

Parent group update 28/08/19

The potential investors were welcomed by Mr Udy yesterday afternoon and toured  the school . We have heard that this was a successful viewing and the investors left satisfied, although some of the delegation who have visited before were saddened by the change in the school since their last visit. There have been two subsequent  meetings since the viewing Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
School Future

Corporate Opportunities

The Abbots Bromley School brand is renowned internationally; it is an asset to the community both here in the UK and Beyond. The Abbots Bromley School community is broadly affluent, international and niche and the parent group is open to partnerships with appropriate businesses for mutual benefit which will provide benefits to the business whilst allowing the Read More…

School Future

Parent Pledge

Abbots Bromley School faces an uncertain future and the Parent group would love to get involved and be a part of the rescue deal to save Abbots Bromley School. We need the support of the Local community, Parents, The Guild members, and the Alumni. We need you to let your friends and family members know Read More…

Closure Announcement

Parents, Guild and Community help us and let’s get those doors open

Abbots Bromley School is the place where children around the world have had the joy of attending, from attending Abbots Bromley School those children have developed into fine young adults and older mature adults whom all have one thing in common. The Abbots Bromley School pupils leave with a unique DNA fabric allowing them to Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
School Future

Offer made

A Hong Kong-based businessman has yesterday submitted a bid to acquire Abbots Bromley School and inject significant working capital into the school to allow the school to continue to trade in September 2019. The investor was introduced to Woodard from the parent panel after an approach from his agent via this website, the agent and Read More…

Abbots Bromley School for sale
Closure Announcement

Headteacher thanks parents and speaks out against the closure of Abbots Bromley School

Yesterday morning the Headteacher of Abbots Bromley School which is faced with closure spoke out against the closure of the school he spoke so passionately about. The headteacher Mr Udy made reference to Woodard getting there 30 pieces of Silver which was a clear reference to the Corporate greed shown by Woodard. ( See Video Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
School Future

Parental update

As things stand we have made significant progress this week and i shall recap some of these things below with further detail to follow: The new investors we have identified have been in touch with Savills and have now begun the Non-disclosure process for access to financial information, we are also aware of other interest Read More…

Closure Announcement Governors School Future Woodard Corporation

Send your complaint to Woodard and the governors

With the news that Woodard has now been approached with 3 new investment offers, we are urging all parents to contact the governors and the school governing body and if we all message them we expect a response from them. Will the Governing body and Woodard continue to support the school we are simple in Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
Closure Announcement

Parent update

On Sunday 23rd June, The Abbots Bromley Parents support group met to digest Fridays email announcement. Let’s be honest here, that email was designed to cause maximum damage so that as parents you all panicked and sought alternative provision therefore reducing Woodards need to stay open. But that email did contain a small snippet which Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
Closure Announcement Governors Woodard Corporation

School Closure Breach of contract

As parents, we all have contracts with Abbots Bromley School which have termination clauses. The announcements regarding the closure of the school, whilst devasting, have no direct bearing on our contracts, and indeed the closure of the school of itself would not preclude them from fulfilling these contracts for our children. At this point, I Read More…

Abbots Bromley School
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Parent meeting 14th June 2019

A very positive meeting was held this evening at Abbots Bromley Community centre with over 75 parents in attendance despite some initial fears that the meeting may be negative. However, tonight was the best of Abbots Bromley and parents rallied around the school and were updated on the current facts surrounding the school sale and Read More…

Abbots Bromley School Closure
Closure Announcement Governors School Future Woodard Corporation

Schools are not about corporations. It’s about the community.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. – Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company) As parents arrived at Abbots Bromley School this evening we were greeted with the unexpected surprise of the meeting venue being moved to the beautiful chapel of St Anne. The meeting venue was befitting to the Read More…

Simon James Governor
Business Strategy Closure Announcement Governors School Future Woodard Corporation

Abbots Bromley School For Sale

At a parent meeting held on the 25th March 2019,Parents were given some hope that the school may remain open into the new academic term. The meeting which started 7:30pm had the air of doom as parents sat and awaited the news which the Governing body were due to deliver. The meeting started with a Read More…