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Raising awareness of the current plight of Abbots Bromley School is something we must keep doing and its times to ensure those with a connection to the school and those who represent the school are in the loop and can help raise awareness of the school.

Could we say that Sue Nicholls is one of the most familiar faces to walk the halls of Abbots Bromley School?

Sue Nicholls

Attended Abbots Bromley school when the school was known as St Mary and St Annes back in the 1950’s

Sue Nicholls is of course known to many as Audrey Roberts in Coronation Street.

Now i know what we are all thinking.

Audrey and Norris make a formidable team so what would Audrey and Norris think about Abbots Bromley school right now.

Contact Sue Nicholls and ask her to throw her support behind the school and highlight the issues surrounding the school.

Although Sue doesn’t appear to be on Twitter it may be worth asking her real-life friends at Corrie to help us get the message to her.

Here are some useful Corrie contacts and help us get Sue on board.

So take a minute and tweet the below friends and colleagues of Sue and ask them to spread the message and get Sue on Board.

Sally Dynevor- (Plays Sally)


Beverley Callard – Liz Mcdonald


simon gregson -Steve Mcdonald


kate ford- Mad Tracey


Coranation Street Main account

At this time the only contact we have is via post for Sue directly.

Sue Nicholls
Brown Simcocks & Andrews
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL

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