Abbots Bromley Parent Survey
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Abbots Bromley Parent Group Survey

As we mentioned at the last Parents meeting we wished to undertake a survey to gather views based on the current situation and gather some basic information about planned pupil numbers etc for the new investors.

Abbots Bromley School Parent Survey

How would you rate the handling of the situation by Woodard
How would you rate the communication from Woodard
Throughout the process, you have felt
To date has the closure announcement had any effect on your children?
Would you consider sending your children to another Woodard school such as Denstone in view of the handling of the AB closure?
How would you rate the communication from the governing body?
Do you have confidence in the governing body?
Have you considered other schools at this time?
If you have identified a new school please answer the below
How would you rate the information available to pupils and parents to facilitate a move to another school?
Would you consider a donation to fund the school remaining open?
If Abbots Bromley School was to reopen would you rejoin:
Have you committed to a new school?
If you have committed to a new school and signed a contract would you return?

Thank you for completing Abbots Bromley School Parent Survey.


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